About Us

Sparkleimage.com.mt – ‘Same shop prices and quick delivery right to your door...’

Sparkleimage.com.mt is an online shopping portal that gives consumers direct access to Sparkle Image products, prices and offers. The website was created in 2008, then among the very few services available on the Island, and revamped in 2016. The main objective of our site is to reach clients in all localities in Malta and to keep abreast with consumer shopping trends.

About the stores

Sparkleimage.com.mt, is managed by Sparkle Image Stores established in 1995, in Marsaskala. Following an internal growth strategy we developed the online service in 2008 and then in 2013 we opened another outlet in Gzira

We specialise in toiletries, detergents and baby products. Throughout the years we strived to deliver quality at a low price, such that the concept became our core objective. Sparkle Image will continue to exploit this successful factor by providing a high level of service through the website. Sparkleimage.com.mt is now fully integrated with our processing system to provide live information to our customers.

Our Goal

The online facility will give us yet another chance to refine the quality of our service. Through the website we commit ourselves in keeping the same shop prices / offers, moreover we are able to serve our customers from wherever and whenever they need.

Customers are the heart of our business and the key to our future success. Learning what the customer wants and needs will give us a competitive advantage. With this in mind, we developed a site that will help us achieve a better insight of consumer’s evolving trends.

The site is designed to give direct knowledge as well as to provide a link to our customer care and operations department. The interactive experience will enable our customers to design the order and process it directly on our system. We will still continue to interact with our customers as requested, face to face, by phone, email or by other means, throughout the order process, in an efficient manner to provide a quick response to any requirements. This will give personal attention which is a vital requisite for an excellent shopping experience.

We will continue to focus on quality, yet at the same time use our knowledge and expertise to obtain the most competitive prices. Sparkle Image has achieved this throughout the years and will maintain the same policy for our online shopping service.